Do yourself a favour. Pick up the phone!

Recently I was made redundant in my previous recruiting role. After fighting all the emotions a redundancy brings I am finally back on the hunt and making it my full time job to find a job. For an excellent post on the redundancy roller coaster check out this Firebrand blog.Image

Anyway as I was saying I am on the fulltime hunt, which consists of tweaking my resume, phone calls, tweaking my resume, interviews, tweaking my resume, research, oh did I mention tweaking my resume? Anyway we all know what it’s like, relentless hours spent on one job and at times you feel it’s all for nothing. As many recruiters would know the market right now is flat, I’m talking as flat as the tyres on my bike I got for Christmas last year which resides in the shed and has never been ridden type of flat. And what this post is really about, and what is frustrating the hell out of me right now in this market is the amount of recruiters I have contacted and they cease to call me back. News flash picking up the phone is not that hard, I know your not swamped with work right now, so what’s your excuse? Well??

Honestly I just don’t get it. Number one, I could be the candidate of your dreams and because you couldn’t be bothered to call me, you lost that. Number two I get you don’t have any jobs right now, but isn’t it still worth a conversation. You never know the relationship we could build, perhaps you could place me at a later date. What happened to the long term view of recruitment?

I know you hear it all the time but seriously recruiters it’s all about the conversation (maybe it was just drummed in to me from my last manager, Dan Nuroo, you can read his latest thoughts here). OK, so you may have no jobs for me, but be honest and have a chat to me about the market and what I am looking for. You never know when that will pay off. I know what won’t pay off, suddenly when the market does turn and candidates hold all the power the recruiters that didn’t ring back will all of a sudden be begging for you to take their call and perhaps then when you need me the most I won’t bother answering you. Or what about when I do land the internal role I am looking for and I become your customer, I have the buying power. I know first hand you don’t go above and beyond so I surely won’t bother to call you back.

 It takes you a couple of minutes to pick up the phone and have a conversation, you never know what’s in it for you, now or in the future, just return the call.

As my good friend Pete would say. Rant officially over. 

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University. You’re doing it RIGHT

This year I embark on my final year of study for my Masters. After studying for almost 7 years going back to begin another semester is a walk in the park. A colleague of mine is also preparing for studies, however in her instance it is for the first time. Her nerves bought me back to when I first began university, the fear of the unkown can be very overwhelming. I thought for this blog post I would put together a list of recommendations for the first time uni goer.

  1. Be organised

I know it’s stating the obvious, however to keep sain during university (especially if you are working full time) you need to be organised. Use your electronic calendar, make lists, write on post it notes, just make sure you account for all the seconds in the day because as you will find out, you will need them.

     2. Engage with teachers

Teachers are there to help you and stand as experts in their field. Ask questions! Make sure their not only about your current studies, ask about their careers and advice on your career. Make use of them, you pay good money for their expertise after all.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class, as my teachers often told me, If your thinking it, chances are there are multiple others thinking the same in the room and if your too afraid to ask no one finds out.

     3. Groups

Get involved with groups. Connect with others doing the same course as you. You will be surprised in years to come how the friends you make in university will be useful as a network throughout your career.

    4. Go for the unachievable

At university I saw an internship offered and decided I would take the chance and apply. Although my chances were low, what the heck I thought, I may aswell give it a go. Turned out that I didn’t get the internship. However part of the internship was applying for a scholarship for the Netherlands (where the internship was based). I did get the scholarship! I got a very generous amount of money and I made the decision to study abroad for six months in the Netherlands. This was one of the most rewarding experiences for me. I encourage you whatever it be, complete the application process, go for the interview. Every time you apply even if you don’t succeed your skills become stronger. However if you do manage to get what looks like the unachievable you’re guaranteed the experience of a lifetime.

    5.  Work in your field

If you’re not already do your best to work in your chosen field whilst you study. Your learning becomes tangible and not just theory based. University will become so much easier as there is a workplace to apply the knowledge you are gaining. Throughout my Masters degree I did gain a job in my field. The opportunity to put theory to practice has amplified my learning experience.

    6. P’s get degrees

This is my most hated saying by university students. Yes getting a pass essentially can make up a degree. But have you really learnt anything? The skills you learn at university will become the foundation for your first (or next) important role. The more you absorb and engage during university, the more you can put into practice in that important role.

     7. Core Subjects

Finally don’t get put off by core subjects. Depending on the university you attend and degree you undertake you may have to complete a set of core subjects before you delve into your chosen field. Often I see students getting put of by this as they struggle to find relevance in these subjects.  Managers need to have a general understanding of all functions to operate their own department in the most successful manner. Although it’s not the core of your learning stick it out, the best is yet to come.

I hope these tips are helpful. I sure wish I had access to them when I was studying. For all those first time students: all the best for your future studies.

Finally to finish I have listed some useful websites for university students.

Textbook related:

It’s also worth checking for textbooks on ebay, they are often in good condition and cheap.

Learning related:

The above website is useful for anything math, financial or science related. It’s basically free tutorials. Thanks to my colleague Karolina (who inspired this blog) for letting me in on that secret.

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Why I love Recruiting

Funnily enough I never thought I would write my first blog on this, but it seems fitting enough. Currently recruiting blogs is running a competition for which the above is the question. So here goes, this is why I love recruiting.

I love recruiting because your outcomes and achievements are tangible. Every time you make a new hire you get to see or hear the excitement within a candidate. You literally make someone’s day, even better you help grow an individual’s career. 

I’m an internal recruiter and I truly believe in the product I am selling to my candidates. I feel privileged that everyday I get to sell the opportunity for others to work in the organisation that I believe is a truly wonderful place to work. I love recruiting because I know when I make a hire I’ve not only made someone happy for a day, but given them the gateway to be happy in a long term career.

As the saying goes, everybody lives by selling something. Recruitment gives me my opportunity to make sales. It allows me to source individuals with the same unique value set as our organisation and give them a chance to be fulfilled everyday of their working lives.

I love recruiting as you not only sell a candidate a role, you sell a chance at a better career with what you truly believe is a fantastic company.

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